How to cook the perfect roast chicken

Cooking a delicious roast chicken is a very simple and easy process. We've got some instructions for you below that will help you serve the ideal feast every time. If you have any issues or questions then please get in touch, I'll be happy to help over the phone.
  1. Bearing in mind each oven is different, cook at 200 degrees for both cock and hen 
  2. Estimate 50 mins for the hen; 20 mins longer for the cocks 
  3. Cook the birds upside down, with water in the tray 
  4. Turn the right way up 20 mins before the end to crisp up the breast 
  5. Baste regularly throughout
  6. Allow the bird to rest for 15 minutes (never carve anything that is steaming) - hot plate, hot gravy!
  7. Et voila