From our farm to your door

Sustainable, rare breed meat, chosen by chefs


Healthy, happy, more mature animals taste better

We are all about flavour. Our efforts to rear our livestock in a manner that results in the best possible flavour are uncompromising. For this reason, for the past decade, we have been the chosen meat supplier to many of the UK's top chefs and restaurants. 

Our exceptional meat is the result of dedication to the lives of our animals, a genuine care for the land, and the constant pursuit to improve biodiversity. The better our animals live, the better they taste. 

We slowly mature rare and traditional breeds on the same natural diet that their wild ancestors would have known.

We strive to increase wild animal, bird and insect life by planting trees and hedgerows and encouraging the growth of wildflowers and native grasses. It is a rich and varied diet that makes our beef, pork, lamb and chicken a truly unique flavour.

Life on the farm