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Healthy, happy, more mature animals taste better

We are all about flavour. Our efforts to rear our livestock in a manner that results in the best possible flavour are uncompromising. For this reason, for past decade, we have been the chosen meat supplier to many of the UK's top chefs and restaurants. 

Our exceptional meat is the result of dedication to the lives of our animals, a genuine care for the land, and the constant pursuit to improve biodiversity. The better our animals live, the better they taste. 

We slowly mature rare and traditional breeds on the same natural diet that their wild ancestors would have known.

We strive to increase wild animal, bird and insect life by planting trees and hedgerows and encouraging the growth of wildflowers and native grasses. It is a rich and varied diet that makes our beef, pork, lamb and chicken a truly unique flavour.

Eating Sustainably: Nose-to-Tail

Aspart of our sustainability ethos, we abide by a whole carcass butchery policy and encourage our customers to try our Meat Boxes, which have a range of cuts and are consequently the best value.

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    Beef sold under the Aurox® label represents our meticulous selection of Britain’s best beef, from slowly matured rare of traditional native breeds.
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    Originally a cross between a Tamworth and a Eurasian Wild Boar, these pigs take nearly a year to reach full maturity; the result is exceptionally flavoursome pork.
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    One of the rarest and most ancient breeds of British sheep, which mature so slowly that they require two full summers on grass; the depth of flavour is quite incredible.
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    Our rare breed chickens are in sync with the natural cycles and only available between August and December. At 6 months old, these are firmly textured with and deeply flavoursome.
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    Chickens sold under this label are grown to an incredibly high standard of welfare; totally free-ranging and allowed to graze open pastures for insects to supplement their soy-free diet.
The Chef's Choice

From Britain's Top Chefs

"If I had to single out one farmer who I’ve come across that absolutely lives and breathes his animals its a man called Mark Leatham at Lyons Hill Farm. His amazing old and rare breed meat is the real deal. You won’t be disappointed.”

Phil Howard, 2-star Michelin chef @ Elystan St commenting on Aurox® Beef

"White Park from Lyons Hill Farm scored equal to the highest score we have ever given out on our internal scale. Working with this kind of quality product is what makes me want to get up in the morning!" 

Fred Smith, Head of Beef @ Flat Iron Steakhouses commenting on Aurox® Beef

"It's unbelievable, the flavour is absolutely incredible!!! I don't think I've ever tasted a better fillet steak anywhere" 

Tom Martin, Owner @ The Jugged Hare / ETM Group commenting on Aurox® Beef

“Feedback on your Cornish Cockerels was hands down the best we have received on any special since opening. Everyone was synonymous in saying it was chicken like they had never tasted before. Very keen to get this on the menu going forward, exactly the kind of product we should all be championing!" 

James Lyon-Shaw, Owner @ Brucan Pubs commenting on our chicken

"The meat is perfect. I can’t explain just how good it is!" 

Nathan Cradduck, Former Head Chef @ Cirrus Inns commenting on our Iron Age Pork

"It’s the best pork I’ve ever tasted! When can I get my hands on some more. It’s just so good, and a pleasure to cook with" 

Nigel Stephens, Former Head Chef @ Pig & Butcher, Islington commenting on our Iron Age Pork


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