90-day Somerset Saxon® Chicken (Large)

90-day Somerset Saxon® Chicken (Large)

Delivery Date: 22nd June

Our new ‘everyday’ chickens are matured slowly and raised to an incredibly high standard of welfare. Totally free ranging, they graze open pastures, foraging for insects to supplement their diet.

Somerset Saxon® chickens matured slowly for around 90 days, living nearly twice the age of a standard organic broiler chicken. 

From 2022, these chickens will be on a soy-free diet.

Celebrity chef Mark Hix uses these delicious chickens at his new restaurant in Dorset.

Orders must be placed by 5pm on the Friday before our next delivery date.

A medium bird feeds 4-5, a large bird feeds 5-7.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lynda Line
Our Christmas Chicken

Delicious. Lovely taste, no comparison to a supermarket chicken in flavour and served 5 for dinner with plenty left for supper.

Paul Matton
Fabulous Chicken!

Tried the Somerset Saxon for the first time (Roasted for Sunday Lunch) and it was like taking a trip down memory lane. I normally buy from butchers but also have bough whole birds from Supermarkets at ridiculously low prices (intensively reared, feathers 'jetwashed' rather than plucked and plumped with fluid to look bigger) and had fallen into the trap of thinking that is what chicken tastes like today.

It doesn't!

The Somerset Saxon breast meat was beautifully succulent, the leg was wonderful, the wings a delight and the 'oysters'..... well if you know, you know!

Monday leftovers are now something to look forward to almost more than the Sunday Roast, so in terms of value for money, the extra cost is less of a factor.

Frankly, I would rather go without than buy 'value' birds again now that I know what beautiful chicken tastes like again.

Stewart Gillions
Delivery and quality of meat

The service and delivery of my goods was five star

Carole Eprile

Just amazing never eaten better chicken

Anne Davies

I was looking for taste and this had it in spades. We were also delighted that 1 bird fed 9 people including some very enthusiastic carnivores.

Jackie Naghten

Fabulous chicken and steak .. so much better than supermarket offer