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What can I say! I have dreamed of a Sunday roast like this and now my dreams have come true. I druel at the thought.Cooked slow and long and sliced to perfection. I want more more more. PLEASE

Whole Rib Steak
Ben Healy
Amazing quality beef

Incredibly high quality beef, tasted absolutely amazing. The these guys are serious about what they do and it definitely shows. Will be buying again for sure and keen to check out the whole range.

Lyons Hill Farm produce

The 90-day Somerset Saxon Chicken (Medium) from Lyons Hill Farm exceeded my expectations. The produce is high-quality and truly delicious. Thank you for the opportunity as a customer to be part of sustainable farming. I look forward to our next order.

Rump Steak x2, Thick Cut
Rhett Leveridge

The quality and taste of the meat I ordered from you was delicious. I’ll be sure to place another order soon.

Somerset Saxon chicken

Delicious. Just like chicken used to taste

Fillet Steak
Robert O.
Fillet steak

The best fillet steak I have ever bought! It was simply excellent and I will certainly be back for more. Thanks so much for rearing such great beef. Rob


divine meat, to die for, just buy it!

Our Christmas Chicken

Delicious. Lovely taste, no comparison to a supermarket chicken in flavour and served 5 for dinner with plenty left for supper.

Christmas Day

Our topside of beef for 11 people was absolutely delicious. Amazing flavour. The steaks have also been tender and full of flavour. Thank you.

Childhood revisited

We gave your long slow grow chicken the long slow cook it deserved in the gentle heat of our Rayburn. Result, a melt in the mouth, delicious chicken reminiscent of the chickens we had as a special treat for Christmas as children. Who needs turkey when you can have chicken as tasty as that? It will do us for Boxing Day and a couple of lunches and we won't still be ploughing through it a week later.

180-day Cornish Celtic® Cockerel & Hen
Derek Hutchison
buy these

chicken as it always was, different level to supermarket stuff

Prime Mince
Derek Hutchison
buy this

fabulous, buying more

Fabulous Chicken!

Tried the Somerset Saxon for the first time (Roasted for Sunday Lunch) and it was like taking a trip down memory lane. I normally buy from butchers but also have bough whole birds from Supermarkets at ridiculously low prices (intensively reared, feathers 'jetwashed' rather than plucked and plumped with fluid to look bigger) and had fallen into the trap of thinking that is what chicken tastes like today.

It doesn't!

The Somerset Saxon breast meat was beautifully succulent, the leg was wonderful, the wings a delight and the 'oysters'..... well if you know, you know!

Monday leftovers are now something to look forward to almost more than the Sunday Roast, so in terms of value for money, the extra cost is less of a factor.

Frankly, I would rather go without than buy 'value' birds again now that I know what beautiful chicken tastes like again.

Delivery and quality of meat

The service and delivery of my goods was five star


Delicious rib of beef - served 3 of us easily and the flavour was miles better than I've found elsewhere!

Bavette Steak
Alan David Evans

Bavette Steak

Best steak and sausages ever

We have recently found Lyons Hill through Radio HP and we are delighted. First experience was with the sausages included in the Iron Age Pork pack and I can safely say that these were the best we'd ever tasted. Same goes for the rump steak which blew the socks off my very discerning son and his wife.

Wonderful flavour.

2 very generous slices of steak arrived well packaged. It was dark read and marbled with fat, just enough. l cooked it very simply with seasoning and oil on a outdoor wood burner with a bbq facility. The outside of the meat was sealed and crispy but rare when sliced through. It was "melt in the mouth"
A good steak is 90% the animal and how it has been cared for and judging by these steaks these animals have a very nice life.

180-day Cornish Celtic® Cockerel Pair
Maggie Huws
Wonderful flavour.

The website is clear and straight forward. The birds came well packaged and promptly. They were larger than l expected but nice and plump. l have frozen 1 ( for christmas) and joined the other to use now, l made a classic coq au vin and it was worth the effort, The flavour and softness of the meat was fabulous. l shall definitely order again.


Just amazing never eaten better chicken

Gourmet's Box
Paul Hill
Delivered perfectly and beautiful beef

The white park is simply stunning. Well most definitely be buying again. Thank you

180-day Cornish Celtic® Cockerel
Ronaldo Stephenson

Omg this Celtic rare breed is exactly as advertised the flavour is truly amazing I had several friends round for Sunday dinner and all were impressed I will definitely be buying again

180-day Cornish Celtic® Cockerel & Hen
Sue Savage

Celtic Cockerell was beyond our wildest dreams. The succulent taste was extraordinary. I cooked the bird upside-down to start with and the breast was dripping with melt in the mouth meat. We were left with an enormous amount of wonderful tasting meat for another at least 3 more meals for 2. I more than highly recommend this bird and can't wait to try the hen to. Thank you Lyons Hill

Chef's Box
Victoria Getty

Most excellent and delicious meat . I’ve been searching for White Park beef for past 6 years ! It’s incomparable. Thank you all !

180-day Cornish Celtic® Cockerel Pair
Val Wallace

The chicken took me back to my childhood when food was honest. The chicken was juicy, tender and brimming with flavour. Thank you for an excellent product.