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Just divine

These chickens are amazing!

Rump Steaks (Delivery: 22.04)
Sue Savage

I had the rump steak last night and I can honestly say, in 71 years, i have never tasted anything like it. Amazing taste, wonderful smell, no gristle, fat melted and i poured the juice over my Jersey Royal potatoes. Altogether an amazing experience and I slept contentedly all night. Looking forward to being able to order again. Sue Savage

I made a beef casserole with the diced stewing steak and it was delicious. The meat had excellen...

Sorry I put my review in the title!

Large Mixed Box (25th March)
Yasmina Wight
Excellent meat

Thank you James - we really enjoyed the meat box - some has gone in the freezer but the mince and steak were delicious - will definitley be ordering again!

Mixed Box & Fillet (25th March)
Craig Fuller


Bavette, Sirloin & Rump Steaks (11th March)
Unparalleled quality

Meat of the highest quality and flavour. Thoroughly tasty!

Up to the High Standard I've Come to Expect!

After discovering the season for this glorious meat was nearly over, I bought half a hoggett for the freezer. It simply does not disappoint! We had a birthday celebration and I slow roasted a whole shoulder. The flavour and texture were wonderful. I know that the rest will be just as good. Highly recommended.

Bavette, Sirloin & Rump Steaks (25th Mar)
William Tyler

We have so far eaten the mince and sirloin. Both were excellent with a deep taste.

Pot Roast & Prime Mince (25th Feb)
Adeline Nolan
Delicious ,thank you

The beef had great flavour and texture . Obviously the product of excellent care in its growing.

Large Mixed Box (25th Feb)
Justine Elmendorff
Fabulous meat - great service

Best steaks we have had in a long time
Farm to doorstep. Great idea

Fillet & Sirloin Steaks (25th Feb)
Annabella Adams

Wonderful steak. Absolutely delicious. You really can tell the difference, especially using your mince. Loved chatting to you and sorting out the amounts we need for family locking down together. Thank you for taking it all on board!

Eager anticipation

Have not as yet eaten any of my hogget order due to nobody being allowed in the house. I really look forward to what will be a tremendous culinary experience when things ease up.

Mixed Box inc. Fillet (25th Feb)
Sue Savage
Extraordinary Slow roast

Have just had our White Park slow roast. It has left such a contented feeling inside. When i opened the bag it actually smelt of beef and after cooking for 5 hours, carved beautifully and every morsel was to die for. Amazing gravy made from the juices. Personal communication with James is so helpful and he strives to meet our every need. Thank you Lions Hill Farm.

Prime Mince
Sue Savage
Perfect Prime Mature Mince

Have been making my husband beef olive and cottage pie with your exceptional mince. " THIS MINCE IS LOVELY TODAY" he says. Taste is amazing, servise exceptional.

Slow Roasting Joint
Sue Savage
Joint from heaven.

Have just eaten the hogget shoulder which i put on 200 for 15 minutes then 100 for 4 hours. Finished off with 15 minutes at 200. On a bed of red cabbage carrot garlic and onions. Out of this world taste and texture. My husband is not a fan of lamb but after the first bite he was telling me how lovely it was. I had a really good nights sleep afterwards, with an amazing feeling of old time satisfaction.

Pair of Cornish chickens

Have left it until now to review, as we've only just cooked the hen which we'd had in the freezer since eating the cockerel for Christmas dinner. I'd been a little concerned that they were arriving a week before Christmas Day, but James's instructions re storing/defrosting etc all worked perfectly (helpful that chickens don't need as much freezer space as turkey!) As expected, the meat on both birds was slightly tougher than a 'normal' chicken but so superior in flavour. Absolutely delicious - a real treat! They made wonderful stock too. Giblets only with the cockerel though - what happens to the hen's?

Hungry for Hogget

Hogget cutlets were amazing. A propper taste that i remember from childhood and hadn't tasted for years. It has left me hungry for hogget and am very much looking forward to the joint we are having this Sunday. James has been extremely helpful, packing was great. I look forward to trying other products. All very reasonably priced for the quality of enjoyment. Thank you

Fabulous Portland Hogget

I had been waiting for a chance to get my hands on some of the Lyons Hill Portland hoggett... And I was not disappointed! I chose to slow roast the shoulder in Moroccan spices. It was, quite simply, wonderful. Rich, delicious meat, and robust enough to not be overwhelmed by the spices. Can't wait to do something with the rest of the box. I think there will be lamb cooking this weekend!

Chickens for Christmas

We were on our own this year, along with everyone else and decided to try these after reading an article in The Times. Given the conditions the delivery was a bit torturous but did a sterling job of cajoling Parcel Force to deliver on time. We cooked it as instructed and I'd have to say it was fantastic. The good new is we still have one in the freezer for later in the year. A big thankyou to James and the team at Lyons Hill Farm.

Top quality

Excellent products, we shall buy again soot

More than just a chicken

After seeing an article I thought I’d give the pair of hen and cock a try. I had the cockerel last night. As suggested input butter, thyme, garlic, lemon zest under the skin and roasted for the given time. The flavour is more than just the taste of a good free range chicken. Tender, moist and loads of meat - absolutely delicious. When any produce is raised well, you don’t need to mess with it when preparing it.

Thank you and good luck for 2021.

The team at Lyons Hill made extra efforts to ensure that my Xmas order was delivered on time despite all my changes and Covid problems. The Cornish chickens were delicious and made a great change from Turkey given the smaller numbers in our house over Xmas. Thanks for helping to make a happy Christmas

Christmas 2020

The family were not able to join us due to the cover rules so the two of us enjoyed the hen. The cockerel is in the freezer.

Suggest that the weight is marked on each pack and cooking recommendations included.

We did not find any giblets.

Something different for Christmas lunch this year

Full marks to Lyons Hill Farm for their innovative response to the pandemic. It was really good to hear about their welfare standards too. The Cockerel was really nice and a welcome change from turkey.

I impressed I’ve also had a newsletter since - makes you feel valued.

I’ll be a repeat customer definitely

Cornish Hens

Excellent service and the chickens made a marvellous Christmas Dinner with that real taste of a rich, roast hen I remember from my childhood.