The Aurox® Label

Aurochs were the original wild cattle that our ancestors depicted on cave walls some 17,000 years ago and finally hunted to extinction in 1627. Put simply, beef sold under the Aurox® label has been selected for its outstanding flavour.

Aurox® Beef is exclusively from Rare or Traditional breeds of British cattle and is what old-fashioned beef used to taste like, before being ruined by crossing our native cattle with continental breeds to make them grow faster and bigger.

Commercial farmers push their cattle to finish in under 30 months, which is insufficient time to develop full-flavoured beef. Aurox® Beef is from cattle that are fully matured, so a deep, beefy flavour and succulence is guaranteed.

Lyons Hill Farm is a traditionally run, regenerative livestock farm in Dorset, championing rare breed White Park cattle. This ancient breed of wild white forest cattle is closely related to the aurochs and dates back more than 10,000 years. Because we allow our cattle a long lifetime to mature slowly in their natural environment, our beef is exceptional.

Representing our careful selection of Britain’s best beef, Aurox® Beef is in a class of its own.

Yours is amongst the best beef I’ve ever tried. I sampled 200 or so steaks as a judge at the world’s best steak competition and none came close. Keep up the good work!” (Charlie Carroll, Owner @ Flat Iron Steakhouses) 

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