180-day Cornish Celtic® Cockerel & Hen

180-day Cornish Celtic® Cockerel & Hen

Delivery Date: 16th December

Our rare breed Cornish chickens (also known as Indian Game) sell under the Cornish Celtic® label.

These chickens are allowed 180 days of a happy, free-ranging life to reach full maturity. During this time, they are developing stronger bones, bigger muscles, thicker skin and better fat content. All of this means firmer and more structured meat with an extraordinary amount of flavour.

This is compared to just 42 days for a standard, organic free-range chicken.

In case you are not convinced, this is from the horse's mouth:

Thanks for the amazing Cornish Cockerels last week. Feedback was hands down the best we have received on any special since opening. Comments from guests were great, we even had an online review specifically mention the dish. Everyone was synonymous in saying it was chicken like they had never tasted before. Very keen to get this on the menu going forward, exactly the kind of product we should all be championing!" (James Lyon Shaw, Owner @ The Drumming Snipe)

A Cornish Celtic® cockerel and hen pair, on average, will weigh 2.7kg and feed 8-10 people.

**Our chickens are deeply connected to the seasons and therefore at this time of year, we don't have any to sell. If you would like to be kept abreast of when they will be available again, please drop us a note using the box below**

As featured in the The Times, 28/11/20

The first time order discount does not apply to the Cornish Celitc® chickens.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Sue Savage

Celtic Cockerell was beyond our wildest dreams. The succulent taste was extraordinary. I cooked the bird upside-down to start with and the breast was dripping with melt in the mouth meat. We were left with an enormous amount of wonderful tasting meat for another at least 3 more meals for 2. I more than highly recommend this bird and can't wait to try the hen to. Thank you Lyons Hill

Splendid sausage’s

Sausages a bit spicy for my wife! Chicken 🍗 Sunday week to celebrate my birthday on the 10th!

Fiona Wake-Walker
Pair of Cornish chickens

Have left it until now to review, as we've only just cooked the hen which we'd had in the freezer since eating the cockerel for Christmas dinner. I'd been a little concerned that they were arriving a week before Christmas Day, but James's instructions re storing/defrosting etc all worked perfectly (helpful that chickens don't need as much freezer space as turkey!) As expected, the meat on both birds was slightly tougher than a 'normal' chicken but so superior in flavour. Absolutely delicious - a real treat! They made wonderful stock too. Giblets only with the cockerel though - what happens to the hen's?

Robin Warwick
Chickens for Christmas

We were on our own this year, along with everyone else and decided to try these after reading an article in The Times. Given the conditions the delivery was a bit torturous but did a sterling job of cajoling Parcel Force to deliver on time. We cooked it as instructed and I'd have to say it was fantastic. The good new is we still have one in the freezer for later in the year. A big thankyou to James and the team at Lyons Hill Farm.

Rob HH
Top quality

Excellent products, we shall buy again soot

Elizabeth Woodward
More than just a chicken

After seeing an article I thought I’d give the pair of hen and cock a try. I had the cockerel last night. As suggested input butter, thyme, garlic, lemon zest under the skin and roasted for the given time. The flavour is more than just the taste of a good free range chicken. Tender, moist and loads of meat - absolutely delicious. When any produce is raised well, you don’t need to mess with it when preparing it.

Thank you and good luck for 2021.