180-Day Cornish Chickens (Cockerel & Hen Pair)

Our rare breed Cornish chickens (also known as Indian Game) are allowed 180 days of a happy, free-ranging life to reach full maturity. This is compared to just 42 days for a standard, organic free range chicken. 

During this time, they are developing stronger bones, bigger muscles, thicker skin and better fat content. All of this means firmer and more structured meat with an extraordinary amount of flavour. 

**Our chickens are deeply connected to the seasons and therefore at this time of year, we don't have any to sell. If you would like to be kept abreast of when they will be available again, please drop us a note using the box below**

As featured in the The Times, 28/11/20. 

  • Pair of Cornish Chickens (Delivery: September 2021)

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