Ribeye Steak x2, Thick Cut

Ribeye Steak x2, Thick Cut

Delivery Date: 22nd June

Our rib eye steaks are cut thick, 50% larger than the average 8oz (225g) steak.

The generous marbling of fat running through the meat guarantees maximum flavour. The rich beefy flavour of the meat is incased with moreish fat that crisps and renders in the pan, resulting in a sublime steak.

2x 350g steaks

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Derek Hutchison

divine meat, to die for, just buy it!

Maggie Huws
Wonderful flavour.

2 very generous slices of steak arrived well packaged. It was dark read and marbled with fat, just enough. l cooked it very simply with seasoning and oil on a outdoor wood burner with a bbq facility. The outside of the meat was sealed and crispy but rare when sliced through. It was "melt in the mouth"
A good steak is 90% the animal and how it has been cared for and judging by these steaks these animals have a very nice life.

Mike Palmer
Ribeye steak

Ok, I’m not normally one to post reviews and having seen certain influencers and so called celebrities this week posting numerous reviews about ridiculously priced steaks in one of Londons high class (expensive) restaurants I really wonder why they waste their money. I can honestly say that without a doubt this is the best steak I have ever eaten at a fraction of the cost of what they (claim) they paid. Of course cheaper is available and yes I cooked it myself but enjoyed it all the more for it. Treat yourself, you won’t be disappointed. Hopefully it won’t be sold out when I next order… :-)

George Champ

Fantastic ribeye steaks. My favourite cut and probably the best ribeyes we have had. Delicious!

James St Pier
"Luvvly Jubbly"

Absolutely fabulous tasting meat, nicely thick slabs as it should be , & the taste was superb, even the fat on the rump rendered perfectly, can honestly say I have never tasted better, the only qualm I had was not receiving an estimated time slot for delivery , until almost imminent, and from the details I downloaded of the meats journey it was obvious there had been a delay, verified by the packaging which looked a little worse for wear and a bit sodden, on the whole tho I can't fault the meat, but I would go for the refrigerated option next order for peace of mind and to guard my new found treasure! On the whole..." Lovely Jubbly"

Simon Hollingdale
Good steak

Very flavoursome and juicy steak, a bit too expensive without a voucher code.