Crispy Breast of Hogget

Some people struggle with this under-rated cut - it is often rolled and slow cooked, however we think it works best to lie it flat and let it crisp up. Cooked this way it is a house favorite at Lyons Hill Farm. Some of our chef customers have even adopted this way of cooking after visiting us! 
You can play around with seasonings and serving accompaniments but here is how we cook it: 
  1. Rub a light covering of oil (not olive oil) on both sides
  2. Lay the breast flat on a roasting dish
  3. Put in hot oven at 200-degrees, for 15 mins
  4. Turn down to 140 for another 1.25 hrs; turning 2-3 times during the process (note: every oven is different so an element of nous is required!!)
  5. Add chopped rosemary and chopped garlic over one side, cook for a final 15 mins
  6. Take out and let it rest 
  7. Slice the crispy hogget breast 1cm wide; keep the slices long
  8. Serve with green salad, couscous, flat breads or however you like